Volunteer With Us


Parent/Community Volunteer Procedures

Volunteers interested in working within our school must provide updated forms and clearances as listed in the AASD Volunteer Manual.

When all forms and clearances are complete, please bring them into the office. 

To learn more and download the volunteer forms, visit the AASD Volunteer website. All documents must be turned in to the building office

We pride ourselves on our dedication to service in our school. As part of our learning community contract, families are required to volunteer within the school and/or participate in family and school activities for a minimum of 3 hours per marking period.
As a school team, we will continue to offer opportunities in the evenings for parents to participate in to earn volunteer hours. Please visit our school website often to view the school calendar, make sure your email address is up-to-date on Skyward, and sign up for MHI PTA Facebook page to stay on top of these opportunities. 
To learn more about PTA Opportunities, please visit our PTA Page


Other Volunteer Policies:

  • Coaches/first head coaches and PTA Executive Committee Members are exempt from hours for the entire year.
  • Credit hours will only be given for actual time spent in the building with the exception of opening assemblies which will count as 30 minutes.

  • You must sign in/sign out OR use the new volunteer management software (coming soon) to log your hours. It is your responsibility as part of the family contract to meet your requirements.
  • Parents who DO NOT fulfill these requirements will earn a breach. 
  • A reminder that 3 breaches will result in removal from the program and movement back to the learner's home school.
  • When arriving at school, please check into the main office (at some point, going through our SchoolGate Guardian system will also be a requirement) to receive your pass.
  • If you are collecting your quarterly requirement of hours, you must sign in on a sign-in sheet (opening assembly library, etc.) OR in the office on the blue cards.
  • Sign in either on the sign-in sheet or the volunteer card; do not sign both for the same event.
  • When both parents come to an event and sign in twice or on different sheets, hours will only be counted once. For example, if both parents/guardians come to the opening assembly, only 30 minutes of time is granted for that family.

    Please see the MHI Parent Handbook for all information regarding Parent Volunteer Hours.